Momma Knows Best


Eclectic hardcore/metal bunch Momma Knows Best based in Prague, Czech Republic had been rehearsing together as a desperate three-piece long before their well received debut EP “Ain’t No Weight Young Lad Can’t Take” was released in 2010. 

“Being influenced by artists and genres of all conceivable kinds, we have never had the intention to stick to any side of musical spectrum and rather than acting upon trends on the hardcore/metal scene (and striving for hairspray endorsements), we’ve been more concerned about having 100 % of our hearts and balls poured into whatever we do regardless of the label we may end up wearing.”

Ever since the release of the EP, the band’s obsession for live performances has taken its rule. Czech Republic., Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Italy, Romania, Hungary, France, England, Belgium - occasionally supporting bigger acts of their breed such as Bring Me The Horizon, War From a Harlots Mouth, Deez Nuts, Dillinger Escape Plan. The relentless “touring” had apparently caught some attention of the right promoters and MKB ended up playing the biggest national summer festivals around - Rock for People, Brutal Assault,... 

In October 2011, the band released a single “Not-a-Blink” featuring host vocals from Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats. The years 2012 - 2014 was filled with gigs home and abroad, and saw the release of band’s latest material “Sunday Nihilist” - first single & video off of the forthcoming debut LP. 

2017 shall bring the long awaited debut LP “Consistency is Overrated” followed by a full European touring frenzy.

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